He smokes, is overweight, works late nights and travels to dangerous places…

I was recently asked if I thought Santa Claus could qualify for Life Insurance. I chuckled a bit and thought about the man that delivered presents all over the world. As much as we all love Santa for putting smiles on the faces of so many children every year on Christmas Day, the reality is that Santa would have a tough time getting approved for Life Insurance. Two of the biggest factors that are against his odds are his health and his job.

We think we’re doing something sweet for Santa by leaving him milk and cookies to enjoy, but all of those chocolate chip cookies add up! Santa is overweight and most likely diabetic- putting his health rating to “decline”.

No one can get the job done like Santa can. However, traveling all over the world including Third World countries and countries at war can result in insurance companies postponing to make him an offer until his trip is completed. If Santa has any accidents or crashes his sleigh into a tree, the insurance company may exclude him from flying coverage.

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