In today’s competitive luxury real estate market, you need more than just a license to sell a million dollar home. You need to be a trusted source in other areas of your clients’ lives too. This often means building a great network of experts.

Yet new studies on generational marketing reveal a different kind of decision-making process is now taking place in America. The Greatest Generation is beginning to pass its wealth to the Baby Boomer and X generations and this means your style of sales will need to adapt if you want to build new relationships and gain their trust.

Education is a key factor in marketing to these sophisticated clients. But it takes more than just a slick brochure. And while a generous expense account can help you gain a reservation for dinner, these wealthy consumers will need more than just a nice conversation to sign on the dotted line.

That’s why Author and Family Wealth Preservation Specialist E. MICHAEL KILBOURN dusted off his best-selling book Disinherit the IRS, and rewrote it in 2014.

For the last 40 years, Mike’s been sailing the same waters you’re navigating today. As a former real estate professional, educator and investor, Mike understands the complexities of buying and selling property in the luxury real estate market.

Disinherit the IRS 2014 is a book your clients will truly value because it explains how to legally disinherit the IRS with the financial products they already own.

The 335-page book is dense with financial planning topics and shows readers how various products work together in an estate plan. It also explains new estate tax laws and supports modern planning tactics when used to avoid confiscatory taxation that reduces financial worth.

Disinherit the IRS will show your clients how the transfer of wealth process works so that their spouse, heirs and favorite charities are taken care of for many years beyond life.

After a lifetime of working with wealthy families, Mike has learned that most people want more than just good advice. More and more, these clients demand knowledge to feel confident when making important financial decisions that affects their families, employees and communities.

Active licensed REALTORS® can receive the following discounts when purchasing Disinherit the IRS:

  • 3 for $60
  • 5 for $90
  • 10 for $150

Plus tax. Special bulk pricing only applies to orders picked up at our Naples office.
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